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I was instantly sold on the Home Edge Water Energiser after my first taste and very satisfied after installation. I love seeing the hard water spots gradually disappear from bathroom and kitchen accessories over time. We have always liked our water but now its even better, also taste-wise. We are also eagerly expecting to see more benefits in general to our health and garden.

Brenda - Co-Owner of Bali Buda

We use the Home Edge Water Structuring device when we fill up our Float Tanks.  We use Holy Water from Tirta Empul which is amazing, but when it is Structured & Energized with these filters, it makes the water really come alive!  Water is the main part of our business, so we understand the importance of high quality water!

Oliver - Ubud Float Garden

I grew up in England with amazing, clear, soft water from the granite moorlands of Dartmoor.  We took for granted bathing, showering and drinking straight from the tap.  Our HomeEdge System has gifted us that simple pleasure again - right here at home in Ubud, Bali!

Steve - Penestanan Eco Village, Ubud

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