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Additional Information on Structured Water & Edge Filters in the videos below.

Viktor Schauberger was the pioneer in Water & Energies.  He recognized the benefits of understanding and implementing what occurs in Nature.

Comprehend & Copy Nature is recommended for all to watch.

Dr Gerald Pollack has discovered the specific science behind Structured Water.  Watch his videos for more details on the 'science' of H3O2.

History of Structured Water

In 1988 Jacques Benveniste a French Immunologist conducted a revolutionary experiment, where he exposed certain antibodies to the water and then removed them leaving nothing but H2O. He still managed to produce a reaction in certain blood cells  that usually react to those antibodies.

The conclusion drawn from the experiment suggests  that the water had memorised the concept of the antibody.


Luc Montagnier a virologist and a recipient of the Nobel Prize in Physiology & Medicine, followed up on the experiment diluting in the water certain DNA to the point where not a single molecule of DNA was left in the solution, but then managed to extract certain electromagnetic signatures associated with that original DNA. Again proving that water has capacity to hold memory through its structure.


The most  famous experiment to show that water has memory was done by Dr Masaru Emoto in 1995. His research involved playing various positive or negative music and words (like love or hate)  to the water and then freezing it. The frozen crystals observed through microscope showed that positive music or intention of love formed beautiful harmonious shapes, while negative music or intent produced the distorted random and even “ugly” crystals. 


Dr Emoto  also conducted a similar experiment that can be done by anyone. He filled two identical bowls with rice and water and then directed positive intentions like love, joy and happiness to one bowl and negative intentions like hate, disgust, shame to the other.


After 30 days the love container was virtually unaffected while the hate bowl started to rot.


This is one of the simplest ways to show the miracle of water and its ability to hold memory or intention.

Hydrogen Bonds

Water has a capability to form various structures through hydrogen bonds. These bonds or clusters serve as a “memory cells”.

The molecules of water constantly interchange but the general shape of the “cell” stays the same. The interior of the cell can arrange itself in hundreds of thousands of ways, and these individual cells can interact with other cells in countless ways.

Structured Water Uses

Structured water is used extensively in irrigation and  food processing, where fruits have been shown to ripen faster and require up to 20% less water.

Top bakers use structured water to improve texture of bread while decreasing the amount of yeast needed. Factories use structured water for cooling purposes as it produces less corrosion.

Humans are made up to 80% Water ...

….meaning our cells are mostly made out of water where it has been shown that structured water is much better absorbed by the cells.

Structured water has higher higher levels of electrical charge creating optimum conditions for the acids and proteins within the cells to function. 

Rouleaux Formation Of Cells

Drinking structured water has also shown to reverse the rouleaux formation of cells. This is where cells become stuck together and can be a non specific indicator of the presence of disease.


Structured water can give the cells a charge to repel each other, allowing them to carry more oxygen and changing their PH from from anaerobic one to a more positive aerobic environment.

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