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Biologically Active Drinking Water

Healthier, Softer Water for Home

Healthy Immune System

Bioavailable Hydration

Balanced body pH

Weight Loss



Why drink H2O when you can drink H3O2?!


  • Bioavailability and fuller hydration of all cells

  • Improved plaque removal, breath & oral health

  • Appetite control, weight control and improved metabolism

  • Efficient metabolic waste & toxin removal

  • Liver & kidney function improves

  • Healthy immune system

  • Healthy skin & hair

  • Body alkalinity

  • Anti-aging


  • Less scale build-up in appliances and pipes

  • Healthier water for drinking and bathing

  • Happier house plants and cut flowers

  • Softer water requires less detergent

  • Less residue in showers and sinks

  • Less chlorine, fluoride & heavy metals

  • Enjoy healthier, tastier water for your entire home

  • Bathe, drink and cook with healthier water

  • You’ll use less detergents, while improving your skin, hair, health and energy


  • Reduces the need for expensive chlorine, salt or other harmful chemicals

  • Enhances the life of any pool filter and allows the water you swim in to be chemical free

  • It creates softer, energized and more structured water by energetically neutralizing the toxins to allow the water to be better for your hair and skin


  • Requires less water (10 – 35%)

  • Requires less fertilizer and pesticides

  • Reduces total dissolved solids (TDS)

  • Increases water penetration and flow

  • Increases plant yield and quality

  • Increases nutrient uptake

  • Increases plant vigor

  • Improves soil pH

  • Efficiently delivers more of what plants need:  water, oxygen and nutrients

It has well documented success in providing faster and more efficient hydration which means much less water is used when watering gardens, lawns, plants and larger scale irrigation projects.


In nature, water moves around rocks in a flowing stream, impacting against the rocks, water molecules collide, causing an ‘implosion’.  This creates eddy currents that scatter the molecules and release the heavy metals & toxins normally bonded to the water molecules. 

The Edge filters operate in the same manner.  As water enters, it flows over the ‘natural curved’ shapes within the filter restoring water to its pristine, natural state.  Fresh, Energized & Structured.

Using Nature’s Design (biomimicry) we can simply and easily recreate the beneficial effects of ‘Structured Water’ H3O2 that Nature has worked out over eons of time.

When water passes through the Edge filters, structured water molecules are arranged in a way that can hold 1 extra Hydrogen molecule & 1 extra Oxygen molecule.  This is how it changes from

H2O (Hydrogen x 2 + Oxygen x 1)


H3O2 (Hydrogen x 3 + Oxygen x 2)

Now the water is Energized, the molecules are smaller in size and will be able to be absorbed much more easier by the cells, and now are able to carry more Oxygen into your body.

The Home Edge Kinetic Water Energizer effortlessly delivers soft, natural, living, highly energized water to every tap in your home.

Energized / structured water is now being widely recognized as the holy grail of water solutions and the Home Edge Kinetic Water Energizer uses advanced technologies and quantum physics to deliver to you endless supplies of delicious tasting, energized, natural water.

The Home Edge is a revolutionary ‘whole home solution’, providing your family with the softest, healthiest water throughout your whole home.

The Home Edge is a maintenance free, toxic neutralization and energization technology.


Scientific research demonstrates that energized / structured water (technically H3O2) facilitates increased health and well-being.


Kinetic Energized water is increasingly regarded for its health giving properties and has been widely reported to help neutralize toxins in the body and facilitate more rapid hydration. It will neutralize fluoride and chlorine deposits that are inherent in most supplied water systems.

In terms of hygiene and maintenance.


The Home Edge Kinetic Water Energizer helps eliminate calcium and aragonite deposits in household pipes thus prolonging the life of household plumbing, whilst at the same time delivering higher plumbing hygiene.   One example is the elimination of shower scum build-up.

The Home Edge energized water system is designed to return this precious resource to its natural state: just the way nature intended.


But best of all, The Home Edge Kinetic Energizer will give you an endless supply of healthy, living, energized water, and will give you many years of maintenance free and accessory free service!


Connect with us & enjoy the benefits of healthy super hydrating clean water for your pool, back yard & property!


When I visit people, I see beautiful homes, well manicured gardens, their homes cleaned and looked after well in order to maintain the home and keep the family safe – but in these nice homes, I find nothing protecting the family’s drinking water, nor the water they cook and shower with.

Drinking water is a serious concern for everyone – but it is a problem that any responsible person can easily solve and with our Structuring filters, the solution is within reach of every family.

Is your family drinking safe water?


Sources of Pollution to Our Water Supply

Some contaminants come from natural sources. Human activities are responsible for the increasing presence of many other contaminants.

Municipal Water and Sewage Treatment Plants

Many of our cities have combined sewer systems. Storm drains empty into the same sewer lines that carry wastes water from homes and businesses. In heavy rains these systems often carry large amounts of runoff, far more than the sewer treatment plants can handle. This forces the water treatment plants to bypass treatment, allowing raw sewage and runoff debris to flow directly into our rivers. The resulting discharge can cause severe pollution.

Chlorinating Our Drinking Water

While chlorine and its by-products have prevented epidemics of some serious diseases, it has created others. Two decades after the start of chlorinating drinking water in 1904 in the US, the present epidemic of heart troubles, cancer and senility began.

The Journal of the National Cancer Institute reported a study showing that drinking chlorinated water increases the risk of developing bladder cancer by as much as 80%. Other studies link it to the development of colon cancer as well. A recent study suggests that chlorine in our water supplies maybe responsible for some cases of breast cancer in women.


Not only is drinking chlorinated water dangerous to your health, but hot showers and baths can release 50% of dissolved chlorine and up to 80% of THMs (trihalomethanes), which are then breathed into the lungs and absorbed into the body through the skin.

Why Structure your whole home?

Homes should also have Edge structuring filter systems installed to protect the plumbing, hot water heater, dishwasher, washing machine and other appliances using water.  Hard water will shorten the life of the homeowner’s appliances and can cause costly plumbing repairs.


Hardness occurs in conjunction with alkalinity and enters our water supply when calcium and magnesium salts are dissolved by the ground water. Hardness is commonly measured in grains per gallon (gpg). As levels increase to 7 gpg and above, hardness becomes increasingly serious economic problem because of the mineral scale it forms. Mineral scale occurs when calcium and magnesium salts precipitate out of water. This creates scale build up on the surface of pipes, hot water heaters, plumbing fixtures, and appliances. Homeowners spend a lot of money replacing these items over and over again.


Hard water is extremely abrasive. Washing laundry in hard water compared to soft water can shorten the life of clothes as much as 25%. The hard water ions combine with soap and create an insoluble curd. This curd is deposited in the fabric of clothes causing them to wear out faster.


The harder the water, the higher the cleaning cost. Starting at 7 gpg hardness, the average household can use up to four times the amount of soap or detergents as would be required for soft conditioned water. The household cleaning product and detergents contain numerous chemical designed to remove hardness so the soap will work. These chemicals are the flushed into the sewer, where they can leach into the groundwater as phosphates and nitrates, further polluting the quality of our water supply.


Installing an Edge filter system will eliminate the need to use products that contain high level of phosphates and nitrates.

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