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This is our Ultimate Package ... convert ALL the water throughout your Home & Pool into beautiful Living, Energized & Structured Water!


Includes Full Maintenance = 60 visits / 1 year


Most people think about filtering the water they drink - but what about the water that is absorbed into your body when you have a shower or bath?


By installing our Edge filter on your Home - every tap will provide what your body needs!


Fitting an Edge filter to your pool, and combining it with our Alkalizing Water beads will provide you with a beautiful Oasis which will hydrate and improve your skin and health.


Swim in complete chemical free water as the Commercial Edge reduces the need for expensive chlorine, salt or any other harmful chemicals.  Our device energetically neutralises toxins and creates softer, energised and structured water for the benefit and enjoyment of your entire family.


When our Alkalizing Water Beads are placed in a swimming pool, the water in the pool will be transformed.  Transformed means that the bond between the hydrogen and oxygen atoms is tighter and there are smaller clusters of water molecules, making the water super hydrating to the body’s cells and any living cells.  The beads will stabilize the Ph of the pool to around 8.7, which means more oxygen in the water, less cleaning of the pool and very beneficial water.

You do not have to add any chlorine to the pool, so no more dangerous chemicals . The water doesn’t support lower life forms and it will clean these out of the water inc, bacteria, germs, and fungi.  The water is the finest water you can soak in, a treat for the cells of your body.

Once added to the pool, it will take about 2 weeks to fully transform all of the water in the pool.  Any new water that enters the pool will be transformed very quickly as there is already a large amount of  transformed water in the pool. All you have to do is keep adding water to the pool as it is needed and every 3 months removing about 100 litres of water and adding 100 litres back to the pool.


Just think of the savings you will make not having to buy chlorine and the benefits for your family not soaking in chemicals.  This will give you a maintenance free and chemical free swimming pool.  The water will be so pristine you can literally drink it!


The beads will never dissolve in the water they are guaranteed to last forever and never need replacing.


This kit also comes with Algaecide that should last 3 - 5 months - depending on your pool and other environmental conditions.


This package comes with:

Home Edge & Pool Edge Water Energizing filter, Triple Filter Drinking System, Alkalizing Water Beads, Algaecide, all the required fittings PLUS Installation by one of our trained plumbers to ensure that everything is installed correctly!


Includes 60 visits in the first 12 months; as follows:

Month 1:  3 x visits per week

Month 2:  2 x visits per week

Months 3 - 12:  1 x visit per week

Lifestyle Package - Pool & Home + Full Maintenance

  • 30-Day Return Policy:
    A copy of the Original sales receipt must accompany all returns. Returns without the original sales receipt will not be accepted. A product returned undamaged within 30 days of the original purchase date may be credited at management’s discretion less a 25% restocking fee, No Refunds given on shipping costs.

    No credit will be given for any product returned more than 30 days after the original purchase date.  No returns will be accepted after 30 days.

  • We offer a Limited Lifetime Warranty on ALL of our Edge Products.  To qualify for this Warranty, ALL Edge Filters MUST be installed by one of our authorized installers.


    Warranty covers:

    • any defects in materials used to manufacture the filters
    • any defects in materials under normal use
    • any broken components under normal use


    Warranty does not cover:

    • Damage of a product resulting from negligence
    • Damage of a product resulting from unauthorized modification of the product
    • Damage caused by natural disaster
    • Theft or loss of the product



    Warranty Conditions:

    • Product must be returned to us for assessment.  You pay all shipping & handling costs.
    • How to contact you: by email, by phone or by mail address
    • The company will repair any broken parts of a product using new or replacement parts
    • The product will be exchanged with a new product
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